Episode 016: The Pocket Hole Hypothesis

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Turned vase 94 and made a sign for a client.

Sean – Procrastinated on making the headboard.  Worked on the turning saw side project.  Cut some dovetails and added a rack to the joinery bench.

Brian –  Worked on the hall table drawers. Bought a strop wheel for the Work Sharp 3000.  Going to try out TransTint Dye on the drawer fronts.

Main Topic – Pocket Hole Joinery

Listener emails/questions

Guest Questions

Marshall – How do we creatively cover up mistakes?  Catch him on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.  Here are a couple shots of his table.

Jonathan – Do we use rasps and what kind do we suggest? Check out his blog at warriorwoodwork.blogspot.com and on Twitter.


Huy Huynh –Hey guys!  Thank you for hosting The Dusty Life Podcast.  I look forward to your weekly episodes.  On Episode 015, Michael Morley asked about saw blades and expressed considerable frustration when it comes to resawing on his bandsaw.  I’ve had the same issues when it came to blade drift and burning.  Brian mentioned removing the fence all together and “eye-ball” the cut based on a scribe line.  I’ve tried this method in the past as well, and while I was able to get decent results, it seemed like a waste of resources given the fact that my 17″ Grizzly bandsaw came with a tall resaw fence specific to the task of resawing.  I did a search on Youtube and found Alex Snodgrass’ bandsaw clinic.  He went from start-to-finish on how to setup your bandsaw for resawing or scrolling.  I tried his method of setup and I was able to get flawless results with my resaw fence.   Here is evidence of my results on my Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/p/BBtLoXlSxHn/?hl=en).  I used a 1/2″, 3 TPI blade made by Woodslicer.  I was able to resaw maple down to less than 3/32″ (~0.085″) without burning or drift.  Seriously, no shortcuts, gimmicks, or special tools.  I followed Alex’s method to the “T.”  I’m now convinced that the setup method specified in my instruction manual is wrong, period.  My issues were two-fold: 1) My blade was centered on the crown of my wheel causing both the front and the back of the blade to oscillate, and 2) the blade I was using was the stock blade that came with my bandsaw.  Essentially, I had too many teeth-per-inch and the set of the teeth and depth of the gullets were such that the blade did not clear out enough waste.  Here is the video I used to setup my bandsaw (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGbZqWac0jU).

I hope this helps and sorry for the long email.


Huy Huynh

P.S. I do not work nor do I own any Carter products.


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Mike and Rachel – 5 Stars – Great Podcast –  You guys are great, the combination of your different personalities and experiences at all levels make you guys very relate-able and fun to listen to.  Keep up the great work! -Thanks.

Cdstahlman – 5 Stars – Awesome Show! – Really like the show, keep up the great work!

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