Episode 015: The Variety Show

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle –  Made a valet for a local parking company.

Sean –  Cut out the crest rail for the bed and gave the compass plane a test drive.  Began work on the turning saw.  Ron Hock is offering free shipping on any order containing a kitchen knife kit.  Check that out here.  Tim Babb, Woodworking Maniak, is hosting a Giveaway on his page.  Check that out here to win a Work Sharp Tools WS3000.

Brian – Worked on a hall table, cut some half blind dovetails for the 3 drawer fronts.

Main Topic – What would be your Woodworking Super Power?  Sean uses a 93-1/2″ x 1/2″ Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade in his 14″ Grizzly bandsaw.  This is not an affiliate link.

Listener emails/questions

Guest Questions

Michael Morley – Asks us about quality cutting tools vs. cheaper “disposable” tools (bandsaw and tablesaw blades, router bits, drill bits, etc.)  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and visit his website.

Nate Crilly – Asks us how to grow a YouTube Channel.  Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


Ron Baker – Wanted to know about cutting small parts with a track saw, how to cut your own veneer, and how to glue it to a surface without a vacuum press.

Riley Vicic – Riley left a nice “review” for us, again.

Brian Prusa – Asks Kyle if he knows Sasquatch’s long lost cousin?  Here you go, Brian.


Head over to MMWoodStudio and use the coupon code “DLY” to save 50% on a yearly membership or use “dustylife” to save 30% on a project. Check out Matthew’s Updates below.

iTunes Ratings

Miter Mike’s Woodshop – 5 Stars – You know I packed my The Dusty Life podcast shirt to show support and wear while you did your podcast, I am very disappointed that I took up space in my luggage…oh well I had a blast with Kyle and Sean, can’t wait for the next one when Brian will be there…LOL.  Keep up the great work.

Daveborg98 – 5 Stars – These guys do a great job at taking what some people can make boring and create great content with it.  There are few things that can take my son’s attention off of his classic country music but this is one show that does.  At 8 years-old, it gives him insight and the opportunity to occasionally teach about not repeating everything we hear 🙂  Keep it up guys.  P.S. Thanks, Kyle, for making my son VERY cautious around the router table as it scares him every time I us it…he thinks it will chew up my pinky at any moment.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Episode 015: The Variety Show”

  1. I enjoyed the podcast guys, particularly the discussion about not having to show every cut and including different angles. I’m fairly new to YouTube. I’m just a hobby woodworker, but I strive to publish good content on my channel. I struggle with including too much footage and so I’m working on improving that in my future videos. Keep up the good work guys, new listener here! I really enjoyed meeting Kyle and Sean in Atlanta! Such talented and nice guys.


  2. I enjoyed the podcast guys, particularly the part about not including all the cuts but rather including different angles of the same cut. I’m a hobby woodworker with a fairly new YouTube channel. I strive to put out great content. I really enjoyed meeting Sean and Kyle at the woodworking show in Atlanta. A couple of extremely talented woodworkers and just really nice guys! New listener here, keep up the good work guys!


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