Episode 014: The Woodworking Show Recap

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle –  Made some Leo Coasters from Kingwood and black veneer.  Also went to Atlanta and hung out with his buddy, Sean.

Sean –  Went to Highland Hardware (Highland Woodworking) twice, Thursday with my long time friend, Kevin, and Friday with Matt Cremona and Bob Barrett (and more).  Sat in the partially finished Maloof Lowback Chair and toured the classroom area.  Hung out with everyone at the show.  Here is a quick clip of the shenanigans we got into at Highland Woodworking.

Brian – Worked on a table, tile, and an interior wall.

Main Topic – Recap of The Woodworking Show in Atlanta.

Listener emails/questions

Guest Questions

Mark Dolan – Mark calls in to say “thank you” for making content.  Check him out on Twitter.


Johnny Tromboukis – Hey Dusty Life Crew!  I’ve been woodworking seriously for about a year now and finishing is something that has confused me for a while especially when it comes to cutting boards. I realize you need a food safe finish on a cutting board, that just makes sense, but there are so many options. I currently use a generic cutting board oil from a store and then I apply a beeswax, grape seed oil, carnuba wax mixture and I apply two coats of each. I’m happy with the results but I never tried anything else. I’m wondering if general finishes salad bowl finish is good for this situation.

These are cutting boards that I sell and I’ve made some custom ones for clients too. I’m wondering what the dusty life has to say about cutting board finishes.

Thanks guys, love the podcast!
Johnny Tromboukis

Jonathan Ficke – Good afternoon guys, I guess this question is mainly for Kyle because he’s the one that went to “school.” Did they have a curriculum like I had in college? Like required classes, prerequisites, textbooks, and stuff?

I’m self-taught (mostly), do you have suggestions for how to recreate some of the “school” if I’m unable to jet off to Boston for a stint at the NBSS? Any chance you have any syllabi you could share (if they exist)?
Jonathan Ficke
Braxton Wirthlin – Dear The Dusty Life Guys,

Where do you get off?!?!  Recently I attempted to show my support of your podcast by purchasing a t-shirt, only to be faced with the realization that you do not offer clothing options for the “full figured” woodworker.  I am not a minority!  I represent a large portion of this community and I am not alone when I say “we demand satisfaction!”  I will continue to support your fine podcast, but I will not be silent about this issue until you have righted this wrong, and put an end to this horrible injustice.
Yours truly,
Braxton “3 XL” Wirthlin

Tim Babb – Tim is hosting a Giveaway on his page.  Check that out here to win a Work Sharp Tools WS3000.

Head over to MMWoodStudio and use the coupon code “DLY” to save 50% on a yearly membership.

iTunes Ratings

JT Woodworks – 5 Stars – This has become my favorite woodworking podcast.  Sean, Kyle and Brian are great guys and fantastic woodworkers!

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I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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