Episode 013: Où Est Le Boeff?

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Finished 100 tap handles and the Leo Mirror Frame

Sean –  Back from vacation.  New bandsaw and a router arrived.  k46f8A2s.jpg_large

Brian – Finished the marking gauge and worked on the Kitchen Helper.

David – Working on carving the ball and claw feet for a handkerchief table.  Visit his furniture blog follow him on Twitter see his work on custommade.com or etsy.com.


Main Topic – Interview with David Boeff.  David discusses his work, how he got started, and where his interests lie.

Listener emails/questions

Guest Questions

Jeffery Kühn – Jeffery asks if a track saw would replace a table saw. Follow him on Twitter.


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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

One thought on “Episode 013: Où Est Le Boeff?”

  1. Great podcast! (except for the part with double double talk talk during the track saw vs. table saw discussion).
    One question that I had from that is how would a track saw handle small parts?
    A topic I would like to hear discussed is what a beginner, like myself, needs to know about veneer. Are there tips regarding shop sawing veneer? How accurate does the cut need to be. How thick would work best, does that depend on the wood species? What is the best way to glue it up, assuming that one doesn’t have a vacuum press?
    You get the idea. I hope those of you that go to Atlanta have a great time, and those that don’t, have a great time somewhere else.
    Thanks for just going for it every week!
    Ron Baker in Shelburne, Vermont, where most of us are out standing in our fields.


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