Episode 054: Shop Setup

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Still working on the tap handles for Refuge Brewery.  Working on the mandala table.  Making a shop sign for 2017 (video below).  Segmented wine bottle is finished.

Kyle’s shop progression:

Sean – Hardware installation on the shoe storage bench.  Picked up some walnut and maple for the bed build.  Got a new 4 x 8 vacuum bag for veneering and some walnut veneer.

Brian – Moving tools into place.  Running new electrical outlets.  Purchased a truck trailer of walnut (but left the trailer).  Shop update video from moving the old shop on 1/7/17 (video below).

Main Topic – Shop Set-Up After Moving

Guest Question:


Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Jason – Hey guys! Love the show, listen on my long commute to work.

I’ve reserved giving a review until now as I didn’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. But I was listening to episode 52 (the one Brian wasn’t on) and couldn’t help but laugh at the two Californians complaining about the cold temperature… It’s currently less than 10F here and its probably 60F in Cali.
I just wanted to give you a hard time 🙂 still love the show. Keep it up
Jason (from Canada)

Braxton – Dear The Dusty Life Guys,

In response to Robert’s email about the cheap harbor freight lathe tools from episode 53. You guys definitely covered the subject well as far suggesting good places to get tools and keeping them sharp. But you didn’t address one glaring issue that really jumped out at me. The bent steel and broken handles. Obviously it’s hard to say exactly what the situation was when the tools broke so I can’t give an exact answer to help prevent this in the future. But if you’ll allow me I’d love to offer Robert some advice. Even high quality lathe tools will bend and break with improper use. I’d hate for him to go out and spend a lot on new ones only to have the problem continue. First, always make sure your tool rest is close to your work, and the edge of the tool is cutting on the center line of the work piece. The distance between your work and tool rest will vary from tool to tool, but you’ll never want 2 or 3 inches of tool hanging over the rest when you’re cutting something. Some tools like to cut a little above the center and some a little below, but keeping the cutting edge on the center line is generally a good place to start. Second, if you’re turning or hollowing bowls make sure you’re using an actual bowl gouge for the work. Roughing gouges don’t like to cut end grain. With a bowl, where you’re cutting both long grain and end grain with each revolution of the blank you’re definitely going to be more likely to damage a roughing gouge. When I heard Harbor Freight tools bending and breaking, trying to turn a bowl is immediately what I thought about. That set doesn’t have any true bowl or spindle gouges. It’s basically a few different sizes of roughing out gouges, some skews, a couple scrapers, and a parting tool. You’d honestly be better off turning a bowl with the round nose scraper included in that kit then with the roughing gouges. It would at least be more like using a carbide tool. I hope this helps, and I hope I don’t come off like a safety Nazi with this email. That’s definitely not me. Sean has witnessed me pretty “tuned up” with my lathe cracked to 3200 working on a crazy burl platter, so the safety police I am not! I really just want to offer some advice that will make your turning experience much more pleasurable and keep you excited and making shavings! Thanks for the show guys, keep up the awesome work.

Your pal,
Braxton Wirthlin (Twitter, Instagram)

p.s. if Robert has any more questions I’d be happy to help so feel free to pass on my info

Chris Wong – The Wall Shelf Build-Off starts in four weeks!

January 28-29, Flair Woodworks is inviting woodworkers from around the globe to head to their shops and build a wall shelf while documenting it on social media.  The purpose of the event is to promote the online community of woodworking, have fun, and make something useful.
Full details and the registration form are on my website.
wforl – Great show guys! oh and Kyle, you sound a bit like Butthead when you laugh!

iTunes Ratings

Brock2306 – Favorite podcast of the week for this week – 5 Stars – I used to have other favorite podcasts but as this one has grown and become more fluid it is by far the best!  Great job Brian, Kyle, and Sean!!  Thanks for what you do!! Bkwooddesigns

T.Rhib – Great Podcast – 5 Stars – I absolutely love listening to your podcast and learning new things!  Keep up the great work guys!

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

One thought on “Episode 054: Shop Setup”

  1. Be cautious of using a light bulb in a cabinet for finish. The ignition source (light bulb) could result in a fire if there are flammable vapors present. Just something to think about.


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