Episode 053: Moving Forward

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Delivered the Ash table.  18 tap handles for Oak Hills Brewery.  Segmented wine bottle.  2016 blooper video.

Sean – Still wiping finish on the shoe storage bench and the bar stool.  Got the copper pulls in from leevalley.com.

Brian – Moving and transitioning to life in the country.  Found a 12″ jointer for $250 and a truck load of walnut, cherry, and butternut.

Main Topic – Moving Forward.  Our experiences and tips for moving a shop.

Guest Question:


Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Robert O’Connell – Hey guys,

Love the show!  I bought a lathe recently and thought I could get away with the cheap HF chisels till I figured out what I was doing.  I think it was 25 bucks for a set of 8… a combination of operator error and crap steel have left me with only 2 working chisels.  The others are all bent or the handles were shattered when they caught the work piece and shot from my hands.
Keeping in mind my continued operator error, can you suggest a good set of chisels for a beginner.  Something that isn’t too pricey, or too pliable…
As I scroll through amazon ever set looks exactly the same as the HF set that I destroyed.
Thanks for the help!


Note: Here is a link to a few sets Sean mentioned.  Here is a link to the set Kyle mentioned.

Marshall Toy – Just curious how you guys make consistent tapers on lathe.

Sarah Dugan – Hi guys!

I’m replacing hinges in cabinets in a laundry room as part of a remodel. The current hinges are visible and outside the cabinet doors. I want to change to hinges on the inside but I’m very afraid of not being able to keep them even. There are 11.5 pairs of cabinet doors, 8.5 pair are on one wall.
My latest idea is to place and drill the new inside hinge holes on the inside of the cabinets while still attached to the outside hinges. Then I can remove all, clean, fill holes, repaint, reinstall using the new hinges.
Do you think this is a viable idea? I plan on choosing handles the same size as the old handles to again avoid imperfection. I replaced handles and made new holes on a bath vanity and they’re all not perfectly straight.
Please give me any insight you have and let me know if you think my hinge idea will work! Thanks a bunch! You guys are paving my way into woodworking and I really appreciate it!
Note: Here are links to the vix bit and the 35mm hinge cup bit (scroll to bottom of page).

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