Episode 023: Building Your Dream Shop

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – The Torus won second at the Del Mar Fair Design in Wood.  Turned 120 tap handles, made a bar in the show room.

Sean – Headboard is almost finished.  Make it Forward project has been shipped and the video released (below).  Made a point tool for turning.  Got a load of sweet gum from Bob.  Made a handle for the saw handle makers rasp.  Modeled and made plans available for a  Kids Nicholson Bench and the Nicholson Bench he will make during the Bench Build Off.

Brian – Gave away a ton of scrap wood to make space for the new lumber purchase for the commissions.  Finished the rustic bar top.  Waiting for a stain choice.  Hung the air cleaner.  A friend stopped by and turned a small baseball bat.  Made some diamond plates for the WorkSharp 3000.

Ryan Smith – House projects.  Follow Ryan Smith on Twitter, Instagram,

Main Topic – Setting up shop for the first time.  What is needed and where do things go?

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

Johnny Tromboukis calls in to discuss the email below.  Check out Johnny’s Etsy store, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


Johnny Tromboukis – Hey fellow dusty people!

I recently got commissioned to make some table caddies (the thing that holds all the condiments on a table at a restaurant). I have a unique design where each item has a specific home. I have to drill 4 different sized holes ranging from 1 1/2″ – 2 1/4″ an inch deep in cherry. Even with the 1 1/2″ forstner bit on the slowest speed on my drill press (250 rpm) it gets really hot after drilling just one hole. If I were making a couple of these, it wouldn’t be a problem but I have to make 35 of them and drill 140 holes. Is there something I’m doing wrong??

Thanks guys. Love the show
Johnny Tromboukis

Tom Balzamo – Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the podcast. Good stuff, fellas! I just listened to episode 10 where Kyle suggested using a card scraper inside a bowl at low rpm. I would never question the turning expertise of THE Kyle Toth, seriously, but I actually did use a card scraper inside a segmented bowl back in 2007 or 2008 and almost lost my thumb.

I have the same lathe as Kyle and was making a 14 inch maple and walnut segmented bowl. I was using the scraper inside the bowl with the lathe at the lowest rpm, when a one-in-a-million thing happened. The scraper was just at the right angle inside to where it was able to wedge itself in the very bottom of the bowl in the area where the bottom of the bowl slopes up to the side wall. I still can’t figure out how it fit like that. Instantly, it became a propeller, and my hand was in it! Even at the low rpm it was enough to lay open a sizable portion of the back of my thumb down to the bone.

It was an unusual enough injury that Woodcraft Magazine published it in their workshop mishaps column. I always wanted to have my work published in a magazine, but this wasn’t quite how I saw it going in my mind. At least for using the story I got a free Leigh dovetail jig out of it. I know the odds of that happening to anyone again are probably pretty slim, but thought I’d come forward as living proof that bowl turning can and sometimes does give birth to the weird and inexplicable. Turn safe, my friends. Anyways, keep up the good work guys!

Thomas Balzamo
Twitter @tbalzamo
 iTunes Ratings

Donnie Carter – 5 Stars – Awesome Podcast – Down to earth usable info!  Three talented guys that know what they are talking about!  Most of the time anyways!  A really awesome Podcast!

Jnieto19 – 5 Stars – Total Awesomeness –  Well I could crap all over the show and have Toth Toth read it like his latest video…but no, Ya’ll guys rock!  Love hearing each episode on my long drive to work.  And yes, having the callers does make you different from everyone else.  It’s great hearing Ya’ll take the time to get to know and work with all the rest of us makers and woodworkers!

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