Episode 022: Shop Bread and Butter

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Del Mar Fair pieces on exhibit in Design in Wood and won a prize, 120 tap handles for Refuge, made a tv shelf, Band and balloon artist showed at the shop.  Made a video reading bad comments on YouTube.

Sean – Finished the Make it Forward project.  Finished the joinery for the headboard frame, panel, and crest rail.  Released a bandsaw blade upgrade video.  Designed a kids Nicholson bench in SketchUp and posted plans for the saw bench.

Brian – Posted a video on restoring a Stanley #93 shoulder plane (Brian Prusa) and applied the finish to the hall table, still waiting on the paint. commissioned to make a bar top, 2 credenzas and a dining table.

Main Topic – What’s our best seller?

Kyle – Best sellers: Turned tap handles and the Leopard Series pieces

Lessons learned: Client pricing and personal projects

Sean – Best sellers: Pens

Lessons learned: First time project pricing.

Brian – Best sellers: Tables

Lessons learned:  Better duplication process

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

Donnie Carter – Donnie is new to wood turning and wanted to know how to design and prepare discs for segmented turning, where to find clients, and what we would change if we new 4 years ago what we know now.   Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, his website, and YouTube channel.



 iTunes Ratings

Stonewallmike82 – 5 Stars – Great Show – These guys are super knowledgeable and super entertaining!  There aren’t a lot of topic driven podcasts that are enjoyable when they veer off topic, but these guys are a ton of fun to listen to no matter what they are talking about!

El.Duderino219 – 5 Stars – Great Podcast! –  One of the best maker podcasts out there!  They do a great job providing tips and useful information in addition to their great banter.  Best part is how close and accessible they are to their fans!  The whole explicit thing seems silly on iTunes’ part, can’t remember the last time I’ve heard them say anything you wouldn’t hear on prime time TV.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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