Episode 020: Schedule Schematic

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Finished vase 95 and published a video showing how the segments are cut.  Made more tap handles for Network Brewery.

Sean – Finished the saw bench and refurbished the eBay 12″ Tenon Saw and wrote an article found here.

Brian – Assembled the drawers and fit them into the hall table.  Stained the fronts and the top.

Main Topic – What the Day-to-Day grind really looks like.

Kyle – Morning errands and meetings on Mondays followed by work at the shop in the late morning to midnight.

Sean – Mine’s totally different, I don’t have a full time job.  I do stuff with the kids and have dinner, kids are in bed by 7:30 and I am in the shop at 8:30-9 until 12-1.  6 days/week.

Brian – Mine’s totally different, I have a full time job.  I do stuff with the kids and have dinner, kids are in bed by 7:30.  Client work dictates frequency and intensity of work

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

Garth Schafer – Garth’s comment from last week:

Hi Guys, Great podcast!  I rarely speak up but this time I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I did a little video for you to let you know my viewpoint. https://youtu.be/_Ndbp4aQW-w

Please forgive the rough presentation, it was once through, no rehearsal, just had to get the thoughts out.

(Bench Build-off) I think it’s a great idea for the podcast and I am actually at the start of a Split Top Roubo build myself.

Regards, Garth Schafer, Time Warp Tool Works

Braxton Wirthlin – How do you price and market turned pieces?  Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and visit his website.


Marc SchaefermeyerThanks for the help last episode on the planner! Waxed my bed and rotated my blades. The pieces being planned are gliding through it and coming out beautiful. Now I’m on to building a better dust collector for it, thanks to Sean for the picture of his planner.
Great episode on YouTube and making money. I just had this conversation with my wife about a month ago on the fact that this “Hobby” has actually paid for it’s perpetuation. Fun to hear I’m not alone in that thinking.
Keep at it guys!

Davis Faris – Matthias Wandel discussed in a video the subject of planer snipe on small thickness planers. Worth checking out.

Take care guys and have a great week!

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

One thought on “Episode 020: Schedule Schematic”

  1. I am a few weeks behind, but I am enjoying your podcast. It might be the audio player but sound quality is sometimes an issue, that or Kyle needs to get a new mic. In all seriousness though, wanted to recommend the gramercy rasps over at tools for working wood. I really enjoy mine and you can also get a saw makers rasp over there as well, great stuff. Keep up the great show.


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