Episode 019: YouTube. Is It Worth It?

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Turned vase 95. Tap handles for a brewery in Hesperia and Anaheim. Article in Emboss Magazine.

Sean – Worked on the leg assemblies for the saw bench (mortises, tenons, drawbore holes & pegs, and dovetails).  The Make It Forward project arrived Friday.  A box of bowl blanks from Matt Cremona showed up Monday.

Brian – Planed the top for the hall table.  Spent the weekend in Snow Hill, MD at the family’s future home.  The shop is nice!

Main Topic – Does YouTube pay enough to make the time worth it?

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

Bill Livolsi – Wants to know how to source green wood for turning in the desert.  Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and check out his YouTube channel.  Check out Cactus Workshop on YouTube.

Michael Schuler – Wants Brian’s thoughts on the Incra Table Saw Fence System.


Matt Thayer – Hey guys, love the show.  Helps me at work get through stacking cordwood and unloading and loading hay bales.  Anyways, regarding episode 18, I was just curious if you have ever watched Louis Sauzedde from the Tips From a Shipwright channel on YouTube.  He has a lot of cool woodworking tips though his channel and thought you guys would be interested.  He is also affiliated with the school I am going to in September called the International Yacht Restoration School In Newport Rhode Island.  This is by no means an endorsement, just passing along a cool channel for you guys to watch.  Okay if this gets any longer you wont read it on the podcast. Thanks!!

Sterling Davis –Hi Guys, enjoyed the last episode, I just got the Dewalt Lunch box planner, and got a lot of great info from it.  My question is on turning, I have been trying to turn live edge bowls, and I seem to get a lot of cracking, I even had on explode on the lathe, and I can’t find anything on bowl blanks, as far as milling, dry time, grain patterns, etc.  I would like to know more on the correct turning pattern, dry times, green turning, pith cracking, and any other tips that come up with the subject.  Thanks for the content you provide on all 3 channels and the Podcast, great information, and Kyle, hope your situation has improved, you been looking rough lately, been worried about you. 🙂 All The Best.

Check out Wyoming Woodturner on YouTube.

James Wright – Another great show!  Thanks for the shout out.  I love the idea for a bench build off.  I am going to be building another one here soon and would love to have more working along side of others.

iTunes Ratings

Jon Ficke – 5 Stars – Great, informative, podcast. – The only thing that might have stood in the way of a 5 star review is that they let me be on it…twice.  In all honesty it is great that they are so accessible and interact with their listeners.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Episode 019: YouTube. Is It Worth It?”

  1. Thanks for the help last episode on the planner! Waxed my bed and rotated my blades. The pieces being planned are gliding through it and coming out beautiful. Now I’m on to building a better dust collector for it, thanks to Sean for the picture of his planner.
    Great episode on YouTube and making money. I just had this conversation with my wife about a month ago on the fact that this “Hobby” has actually paid for it’s perpetuation. Fun to hear I’m not alone in that thinking.
    Keep at it guys!


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