Episode 004: Sharpening!

Whats Going on in the Shop

Kyle – Sprinter Van Cabinetry

Sean – Finished the Art Piece and started work on the main inlay on the headboard panel.  TDL website now has RSS feed thanks to Tim Babb, The Woodworking Maniak, and it is easier to navigate.  Spunjinworks.com has a more streamlined sidebar.  Visit his site at woodworkingmaniak.com.

Brian – Butterfly Leaf Table joinery and a dovetailed box.


Main Topic

Sharpening! What do we use to sharpen, what is the easiest way to get tools sharp fast, using strops, and more.

Listener Questions!

Dyami asks about pricing our work. penultimatwoodshop.com and @DyamiPlotke on Twitter

Jason wants to know what we use in the shop for listening to podcasts, music, etc. willhoitedesigns.com and @willhoitedesign on Twitter.  Sean suggests using the Outdoor Tech Adapt as a wireless bluetooth device paired with these headphones and a connector.  These are affiliate links so shop freely.

Josh wants to know about pricing projects for clients. @BartleyWoodwork on Twitter

Jenna asks about metal inlay and how it affects wood movement. Kyle shares photos of his previous work with metal banding.

iTunes Ratings

Soulhydration – 3 stars: Good topics and getting started on the right foot.  This would have been a 5 star rating but it was a bit disappointing to see the explicit rating. Really, the foul language is distracting and makes hard to listen with the kids around or at work.  At the end of the day I think the explicit rating will turn many potential listeners away.

Rvicic – 5 Stars: I found you guys through Wood Talk, and so far I agree with Shannon, it’s pretty good.  In the second episode there is a 5 minute dead spot right at the end, and the  first two episodes had some bad sound quality.  BUT I like it.  Keep it up.

New shooter – 5 stars: Cool guys, keep it up.

If you enjoyed listening to this podcast you can find more information about each of us at thedustylife.com.  Also, head over to our individual websites and YouTube channels and subscribe.  woodbytoth.com, mccauleysdesign.com, spunjinworks.com
If you have comments, questions, or topic suggestions you can email us at contact@thedustylife.com
Consider subscribing to this podcast through iTunes, Soundcloud, or click the RSS on the homepage at thedustylife.com. If you listen through iTunes please leave us a rating as it helps other listeners find us more easily.


Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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