Episode 003: Tool and Material Acqusition

What’s going on in the shop this week and new content going up on YouTube/Websites.

Sean – Daughter’s bed, metal leafed art piece, new aprons, and the Make It Forward project (@makeitforward on Twitter: Follow @markspens, @mccauleysdesign, @improbableconstruct, @JimmyDiResta, @seanrubino, and @ironface5).

Kyle – The kitchen table,Sprinter van interior, and the Taurus.

Brian – Butterfly leaf dining table and McCauley’s Design Community website stuff.  Guy Dunlap’s butterfly leaf dining table playlist that Brian mentioned in the episode can be found here.

Main Topic:

What to purchase first when getting started: more tools or more material, buy new or used, buy cheap or quality?  When is it cost effective to buy used or cheap tools?  If buying used tools do they need to be refurbished?  Are cheap tools meant to be used for one project or kept?

iTunes ratings:

Artzgirl56 – A new podcast for me to subscribe to.  These guys keep it interesting.

codemonkeyww – One of my favorite podcasts on woodworking available.  I really enjoy these guys!!!  I’m looking forward to more great content from them in the future.  Also check out all their YouTube channels, even more great content.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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