Episode 024: Frustrations and Mistakes

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Worked on an Ash Dining table and took a break in Mexico.  An interior shot of the finished Sprinter Van.

Sean –  Started finishing the headboard panel to prepare for the assembly.  Made the point tool video and a new handle for my old carving parting tool.  Published plans for the full size Nicholson bench.  Replaced the old foam weather stripping around the garage door with vinyl weather stripping as part of the preparation for shop AC (blog series).

Brian – Finished the reclaimed wood bar top.  Started on the credenzas by gluing up the walnut panels.

Main Topic – Dealing with Mistakes and Frustration

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

Mike Powers – How do we learn new techniques?  Classes, YouTube, or just try them out? Follow Mike on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and visit his website.


Leigh Jordan – Hay guys I love the show.  I have a couple business questions for. When you started investing in your shop outside of using your own money or or using money from commissions did you ever consider business loans?  If you did is it worth it?  My only other question is if you have ever taken any business classes?  I’m just getting my shop set up now and I’m only hoping to supplement my income with it (knock on wood).  Thanks again!

Leigh Jordan

 iTunes Ratings

 AJ5382- 5 Stars – Toth for President! – If you are a woodworker and don’t listen to this podcast, you must be a Trump supporter, because you’re stupid.  I don’t know much about Brian and Sean but I have been a fan of Kyle for a long time.  I’ve learned plenty from listening to you guys and any woodworker would.  Thank you for the content you 3 put out.  As a guy who just quit his job to start a woodworking business (New England Woodworking Studio) I need all the tips I can get.  I can’t wait for my shirt to come so I can rock it at WIA.  Oh, and Kyle, my bad for making you read this long review.  I’m dyslexic and hate reading out loud.  Later, AJ DeSantis New England Woodworking Studio

Non iTunes Rating

Dave Pollata – I get your podcast thru my smartphone podcast player so I don’t use iTunes.  However, I’ll give you my review here.  I’m glad you guys joined the podcast world.  I’ve had a smartphone for just over a year and I am a podcast junkie – primarily woodworking and making.  You guys make yourselves real with the way you deliver the info and talk like a bunch of guys out having a beer.  I love it!  I also love Kyle’s sharing of his negative feedback.  I love his work, his video style and especially the way he down plays the immense volume of work he cranks out.

Thanks for a great show!

Dave Pollatta

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