Episode 111: Jointers, Dye, and Finish…Oh My!

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Went to Taos to snowboard for the weekend and worked on the TV cabinet.

Sean – Started on the sharpening pond, CareChairs, Inc. is now tax exempt.

Grant – Camped out during the Noreaster, practicing carving, started building a chair, and prepping working on a subcontracted project.

Main Topic –

What we are watching:

Sean – Flight of the Conchords and Game of Thrones (Season 5)

Kyle – Wedding Crashers (Netflix)

Grant – Wild Wild Country (Netflix) and Money for Nothing (Netflix)

Woodcraft Corner:  Products – Shinto Rasp, 67-Layer Damascus Steel 8 1/4″ Chef Knife, Water bottle, and a Slingshot Kit.

Listener Questions, Email, Tweets, and Comments:

Boz Bloom – I’m in the market for a jointer and I’m trying to decide on the right 8″ jointer for my garage.  Right now, my wife and I just make cutting boards, serving trays and most recently a kitchen helper.

My concern is the lack of 220v in my garage.  If I purchase a 110v jointer will it have enough power to mill up larger pieces of rough lumber as our experience and abilities grow?  Right now we mill 4/4 S2S or sometimes 8/4 S2S, but I’d like to eventually save funds by purchasing rough cut lumber and gain more experience (and maybe frustration) by going that route.  I’m just not sure a 110v jointer will fulfill our needs in the future and investing $1500+ into a jointer that may not fill our needs in a few years is making me question my upcoming purchase.
Thanks for everything you guys do and remember that you truly inspire people like us every day!
Dyami – When using RIT dye to dye poplar black, do you cut it at all or use it straight from the bottle?  Does it raise the grain?
Dave Barlow – How do you decide to prefinish vs finishing after assembly?
iTunes Reviews
Mn1234321 – Good Stuff – 5 Stars – Kyle has to read this.  End of review.
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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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