Episode 087: Questions and Answers Version 3

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Finished the 100 tap handles, worked on the 100th vase, and getting the new shop updated.

Sean – Working on the bathroom remodel still, tiled, grouted, sealed the floor, and poured the shower pan preslope.

Brian – Made a captured ring goblet and almost finished with the refinishing job.

Main Topic – Being overwhelmed and focusing on new goals

Guest Question:

Ty Moser –

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments:

Dave Barlow – Been meaning to ask about the ins and outs of making beds. I had a few specific questions but can’t remember a damn 1 of them thanks to working so much OT lately. The wifey found a few really good reference pics and I’m about to start reverse engineering it for the design drafts. Y’alls videos on beds and your other project videos that have similar techniques are awesome and have given me a really good place to start. Is there anything in the videos that haven’t been covered that you wish you could add to or may have left out? Anything that you would change?

Andy Eskew – Hi Guys,

Great show! I enjoy listening to your different perspectives. I had a question on how you all deal with differences in wood color, say for a walnut table top? I had picked out several 8/4 6″ wide walnut boards that were all similar color in the rough. Table top was going to be wider than my 15″ planer could handle so I glued them in groups of 2, planed them and then glued them together. After pulling off the clamps I found 2 board to be a lot browner than the others. Unfortunately they were next to each other and caused an offset racing strip effect. I ended up cutting the pieces apart and alternating the colors. I didn’t have enough 8/4 left to replace the 2 off color ones. Hopefully it will look ok when it is finished.
So basic question is just how do you look for / deal with color when making something wide that you can compare board colors like this? Do you have lots of extra that you can replace if needed? Do you plane all first to get a better idea? Do you mix and match and let it go, wood has different colors and it doesn’t matter?
Picture of color mismatch
Andy Eskew
SQ Woodshop

Thanks gents.  Cheers.

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