Episode 031: Efficiency Improvement Improvisation

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What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Chugging away on the Disneyland Trains.  Turning a pedestal for the table commission.  Dining table video is out.

Sean – Took it easy all week.  Worked on editing a few videos and adding two styles of stools to the plans from last week.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.32.35 AM.png

Brian – Took a break most of the week.  The wife wants a vanity for the bathroom.  Walnut door video is out.  Working on the credenzas.’

Main Topic – Improving Efficiency

Listener Questions, Email, and Comments

Guest Questions:

James Wright – How do you finish those projects that keep getting put off?  Follow James on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, check out his YouTube channel and website.


Adam – Hello again fellas!  I know there are plenty of articles on this topic, but I wanted to get an opinion from “you’s guys” on this: English Style Push saw or Japanese Style Pull saw for dovetails?  Or something different altogether.  I’m a beginner (zero cuts given) when it comes to dovetails.  Plus, I don’t have any equipment to sharpen my own tools (yet).  As a beginner, what route should I go?  Also, is something like David Barron’s magnetic dovetail guide worth looking into or just a gimmick?


A good forum entry can be found here.

Jonathan – Gentlemen,

 I just watched Kyle’s 96th vase video, and noticed that he cut the vase off of the lathe with what looked to be a Japanese-style dozuki saw (it had a back to the blade, so I think that’s a dozuki). I know at least one of you guys has a Bad Axe dovetail saw, and I think I’ve seen Kyle cut dovetails using a Western style push-dovetail saw in the past.
Any chance you have some insight into going in one direction or another? Are pull saws better for some applications than others, or is it totally just a feel/comfort thing?
I have pull saws, but have done nothing but butcher my feeble attempts at dovetails with them.
David – Hi guys!
 I’ve been wanting to make a proper woodworking bench for a hot minute and this build off was the extra motivation I needed to get going (other than currently working off of a piece of crap), so thank you all for that!  My plan is this will be my slightly smaller sized “practice” bench that will work for my current 1 car garage/shop, heavily weighted and sturdy yet add features that will make it easy to take apart for transport , then carry over to my new house’s detached garage/shop whenever my wife and I finally buy a new house.  Then I’ll take what I learned and/or screwed up on and build a larger bench while keeping this one as a joinery bench or something of that nature.  The lumber has been stacked and drying for a few weeks now and the fun part is the plans I had in place to get a thickness planer beforehand fell through so I’ll be knockin’ this out with the ole 80 something year old Stanley 4, 5 & 7 hand planes!!!!!  Gonna be awesome & can’t wait to get started!!!
    Also wanted to mention, your TDL shirts are bad ass & are working for y’all because I had no idea they were from a podcast.  In fact, this is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’ve binged every episode while out in the shop.  I woulda left y’all a 5 star review on iTunes, but I don’t have an account and this might be over 15 words 😀
Looking forward to the bench build, thanks for the awesome content and keep up the great work!!!!
Dave Barlow – Chesapeake VA
 iTunes Ratings

wnaziri – 5 Stars – Great Pod – I’ve enjoyed listening to every episode since the beginning.  To podcast has improved significantly since the first episode.  A special note:  I have come to really appreciate the humanity of the 3 amigos.  We have a professional woodworker, a semi-pro woodworker, and a stay-at-home loving father of 4 kids.  I am proud to have something in common with them.  Keep the episodes coming, please.  Wade N (italics are our correction)

chrisXjacobsen – 5 Stars – TDL Haiku – A new woodworker, Loves listening to you guys, Just got a wood lathe.

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I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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