Episode 010: Wood Turning

What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle – Turned a segmented vase and made some veneered boxes.

Sean – Wood turning some boxes and a bowl procrastinating on the bed build.  The Dusty Life has a new graphic and t-shirts for sale.  Thanks to K.C. for the design.  Contact K.C. if you have a graphic you would like made at thewonderdrummer@gmail.com.  He makes awesome stuff and is a talented graphic designer.

Brian – Almost finished the Kitchen Helper and worked on a table build.

Main Topic

Wood turning in our shops.  Our methods, projects, and finishing techniques, well, mostly Kyle’s methods, projects, and finishing techniques.  Here is a chart to follow for segment turning.



Listener emails/questions

Guest Callers

Jordan Patterson – Jordan asks about sapwood wood in walnut and what to do about it.  Do we integrate it, highlight it, stain it, or ditch it?  Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


From Chris – What’s up guys, loving the show, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Ok, so here’s a question: How do you deal with shipping your larger pieces?  Any tips or suggestions when freight shipping furniture?  Or do you try and keep things local?  Thanks in advance, keep up the awesome work.

From Ryan – Since I’m here….(I smashed my finger with a hammer so you’re not getting any shift function for capitalization today, haha.)
Do you guys use things like Snapchat for builds? I ultimately post what I’ve done to Instragram but during builds I will post updates to Twitter and Snapchat as an insight to the process.

Have a good one….

Ryan “Can’t Operate Skype” Smith


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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Episode 010: Wood Turning”

  1. Hey guys! Great show! I love listening. Where is the PDF that you said would be in the show notes? The one for the segmented bowls detailing lengths and widths?


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