Episode 008: How Would You Like To Finish?

What’s Going On In The Shop

Kyle -Turning the torus and repairing a desk.

Sean – Made the template for the headboard crest rail.  Milled parts for the headboard.  Released the Make it Forward wrap up video.  Working with a graphic designer to get shirts made.  Gala auction art piece.

Brian – Made a marking knife.

Main Topic

How do you finish? Oil, Waterborne, Shellac, Lacquer…

Listener emails/questions

Guest Callers

Ty Moser  Follow Ty on Twitter, Instagram, and visit his Website and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Mike Murray – Follow Mike on Twitter, Instagram, and visit his Website and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

iTunes Ratings

MWBMORLEY – 5 Stars: Another podcast to fill my shop as I strive to be half as good as these guys!

Miter Mike’s Woodshop – 5 Stars:  Y’all are doing a fine job.  Now I have a bluetooth in the shop so I can listen to all the podcasts I have been backing up on.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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