About Us

The Dusty Life Podcast is hosted by Kyle Toth, Sean Rubino, and Grant Burger.  Each host brings a unique background and skill set to woodworking.

Visit each host’s individual sites listed below to learn more about them.

Kyle Toth at woodbytoth.com


Sean Rubino at spunjinworks.com


Grant Burger at grantburger.com.

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hay guys I love the show. I have a couple business questions for. When you started investing in your shop outside of using your own money or or using money from commissions did you ever consider business loans? If you did is it worth it? My only other question is if you have ever taken any business classes? I’m just getting my shop set up now and I’m only hoping to supplement my income with it (knock on wood). Thanks again! Leigh Jordan


    1. Hi Leigh,
      I know of 2 people who has taken loans to invest in their work. we will talk about it in a show.
      I think Brian has had business classes. Thanks for the comment and listening.


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