Episode 006: Design Dyslexic Deco Art

Whats Going on in the Shop

Kyle – Finished the Sprinter can interior and took a well deserved break in San Diego on a boat.

Sean – Finished the inlay on the headboard.  Make It Forward project chess pieces arrived from Jimmy.  Published a Modern Bed video and working on downloadable plans for the build.  Made a bed rail for a friends old bed.  Finishing an end grain cutting board. Got some new stuff in the shop (Starrett 4″ combo square, 3D sketch pad, logbook, bow saw kit, anice candies).  Thanks to Tim Babb for setting up the RSS feed on the website.  Visit his webpage and enter his February Giveaway for some cool stuff!

Brian – Doing a lot of modeling in SketchUp.


Main Topic

Designing furniture and styles that influence our making.

Listener emails/questions

Ryan Parrish asks about our design process.  Follow him on Twitter @parrishryan

Seth Messer asks about jointing boards without a jointer.  Follow him on Twitter @megalithic

Elliott – Howdy y’all,

Elliott Trent here from sunny England, just a response to your most recent episode. You talked a bit about ‘compound edges’ and I think there could’ve been a slight misunderstanding. If the emailer was referring to the right honorable Paul Sellers, I’m pretty sure what he meant was a convex bevel, this being a curve down to edge from the top of the bevel (as opposed to flat 25 or 30 degrees) – not a cambered edge from side to side  like you’d see on a jack plane. Most tools were sharpened with a convex bevel until the advent of fancy honing guides.

Enjoying the show! Nice to see how you guys do it over there, I love how you think wood is expensive, you should see the prices here!

All the best, Keep up the good work!

Bryson – First of all thanks to all of you guys for putting this podcast together. I love listening to it while I’m toiling away at my day job and dreaming of being in the shop.

In episode 5 you read a comment from Marty about cambered edges on tools. He mentioned using the sharpening technique taught by Paul Sellers. When you guys were discussing it, it sounded like you were talking about a camber or radius on the cutting edge, but Sellers’ method (referring to chisels specifically) involves a camber not on the cutting edge but on the actual bevel. The camber is produced almost as a side effect of the slight forward and backward rocking that naturally happens when sharpening by hand without a guide. The cutting edge of the chisel is straight, but the bevel has a slight camber, which is perpendicular to the axis of the cutting edge. Hope that makes sense, it’s a little tricky to describe and hell I may be misunderstanding it myself. If you watch Paul Sellers’ videos on sharpening he does a very good job of explaining it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email and keep up the good work on the podcast!

Barak – Hi Guys, Barak from Israel here,

I have a question about the “timeline” of sanding. What I mean, is what happens if I wait (lets say over night or even a few days) between grits, do I need to sand again from a lower numbered grit or can I start from where I left off. How much does the answer varies between wood species and humidity levels (I live about 2 miles from the beach).

Will using a card scraper “seal the fibers”

Keep up the good work (collectively and individually). Sound quality is much better.

iTunes Ratings

HappyCreekWood – 5 Stars:  These guys have great chemistry and their love for woodworking  shows.  I especially like how they each have different backgrounds to bring to the table.  Brian has a full time job, Sean is a stay at home dad, and Kyle is a full time woodworking pro.  That literally illustrates every stage in the path that I see myself going down, so this podcast really resonates with me personally.  Keep up the good work!  I’d give you 6 stars if they’d let me.

Nickkoval – 5 Stars:  I saw the explicit rating and expected to hear drunken sailor talk.  This was actually quite tame.  Seriously though, we are all adults here.  I have my 5 year-old daughter out in the shop with me all the time.  If she hears a “bad word” that is an opportunity to be a parent and explain the difference about what is appropriate for her to say as opposed for me.  After listening to the reasoning for the rating in episode 4 the rating is really not needed.  People will listen either way.  You can’t please everyone.  You guys get a little better each episode.  Keep up the good work.

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Author: Spunjin

I am a woodworker, maker, and DIY enthusiast.

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